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guerbyfreak's Journal

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1 July
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My name is Guerby. I'm Hatian. I rock. I'm a fun easy going out going kind of guy. I save the world on a day to day basis, but I'm not allowed to tell anyone... You didn't hear that!
5th element, 80's movies, 80's music, acting, action, adventure, aeon flux, aerosmith, alice in wonderland, alternartive, angelina jolie, anime, backstage crew, batman, being out, being with friends, books, brak, buffy the vampire slayer, camelot, chatting, cheese, chicago, chillen, chocolate, college, comedy, computers, concerts, cuties, dancing, daria, david bowie, diablo, disney, doing werid stuff, dragon con, drama, drawing, dreaming, dreams, drinking, drummers, edgar allen poe, faeries, fantasy, fiction, fire, flogging molly, florida, food, garbage, gettin down, god, goth, gothic, guys night out, hair dye, hanging, hentai, hotness, hugs, ice cream, invader zim, jhnen vasquez, jpop/jrock, kisses, kissing, laffing, laughing, life, listening, literature, livin it up, local bands, lucky boys confusion, magic, manga, megatokyo, monty python, mosh pits, movies, mp3s, music, mythology, neil gaiman, neil gaimen, nicholas cage, nine inch nails, nirvana, other cultures, people, pink floyd, poetry, powerpuff girls, psychology, punk, punk music, punks, puns, quotes, rain, reading, rock, rockin out, rocky horror picture show, roleplaying, rpg's, rpgs, running, sailor moon, science, skating, sleeping, smiling, smoking, sound, spiky hair, stage crew, stuff, sunsets, talking, tank girl, techies, the big bad wolf, the breakfast club, the maxx, the simpsons, the smashing pumpkins, theater, thinking, third eye blind, tori amos, u2, vampires, watching, water, werewolves, wolves, women, writing, zorak

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