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Conform or Die? Obviously, I'm Going to Be A Rebel Conformist with Options Like That.

I'm doing pretty good, except for the fact that the conditions of remaining at job corp are putting a major fucking strain on my mental and emotional stability. I find I get depressed and angry everytime I return to center. Depressed because i'm like an animal being forced back into captivity, and angry because when I do have to deal with staff members I'm generally treated like some miscreant, and getting shit from mainly upper management and people like mrs Freeman, mrs Floyd, and even gay ass Lambert because I HAD a Mohawk (or rather what I liked to call my Frohawk).

Apparently it's against job corp regulations to be an individual with a unique hairstyle, though it's understandable that a good majority of the young black men at job corp have dreads, braids and even nifty little designs in their hair. Ohhhh, but damn the one black guy with a Mohawk! "That's going to far! Black People are taking over everything else, it's unexceptable that now they are going to take over Mohawks!!" Man, Fuckin' bullshit, right? ::le sigh::

It's really whatever, I cut it to stop hearing them bee itch and saying such things as I'm now being a rebel, and questioning authority, and a bad representative/role model for job corp. The role model part I'm willing to believe, cause no later did I cut my hair, several other black dudes cut their own in the style of mine own. I wasn't rebeling or questioning authority untill they started saying that's what my hair cut represented. Which I guess it may very well represent that from a judgemental observers point of veiw, but for me it was merely an expression of my individuality. A way to physically express my percieved uniqueness. In the end, individuality, uniqueness, any expression of self is apparently frowned upon on Earl C. Clements, so I conform.

Now, upon conforming, I have a new rebellious fire burning within me that was not there before and the more time I spend there the more that fire grows, soon it will consume me and i will burn Earl C. to the ground. Maybe..., not so much, but you get what I mean right?

Other than that, I'm doing swimingly well, in my classes and generally loving life outside the constrictive wall of Job Corp. I just have to keep in perspective the fact that I'm not here to be an individual I am here to become a mindless working class drone. Hopefully, after being brainwashed I can retain enough of my unique personality to still be considered a individual.

End Rant

::Rebellious Spirit kicks Conformist Spirit in the throat::
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