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This is me stressing out!

I once thought I would have more time to just kill on LJ. Reading and posting, but thanks to my ongoing problems with algebra most of my free time here is dedicated to getting tutored. I just finished typing up my first essay, which is my previous post. I wrote half of it last night and rushed to type the entirety of it in the past hour and a half. Now I have to print it out and get it critiqued! O_O!! Argh, I B.S.'d that whole thing and I feel this crazy amount of pressure, cause my teacher is quite the accomplished author...

Oh my gosh, I can not express how great a writer he is. I suspect he would be very modest cause he's a bit shy and all, but he is! I'm reading his first book right now, and within the first two pages I knew this would be one of those books that would enlight and delight! So because I already think highly of my teacher I feel a bit of pressure to impress, and knowing that makes me thing maybe i reached to far up my ass to produce this shitty excuse for literature. Maybe had I not procrastinated i could have done far better! ARRRRGGGHHHHH!!! I gotta go stop stressing! Inhale some cancer sticks and get someone to read this and hopefull lay my creative insecurities to rest!

Laters hope all ya'll be well!
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