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My heart and my soul...?

I don't know remember how to do all that flashy-fancy-pants live journal tags stuff, but, this post is in response to my friends Mistresscara's post

Hrm..., Well, The last time I really put my heart and soul into something was last night. I've recently got really hardcore into hacky sacking as a means to exercise (I think it's officially called Freestyle Footbag). The intensity and the energy I put into kicking that little bag around is ridiculous! I commit at least 30 minutes of kicking, twirling, spinning, jumping, stalling, hand-standing (which really just a new addition to my arsenal of tricks).

Often times I think it's a really childish thing to do but mostly I get such a great workout from kickin around that lil ball that it doesn't matter how childish it would appear. These Job Corp idiots make me so self conscious at times There is also this since of achievement when I can pop the sack off my toe, stall it on my knee, roll it down my knee, pop it back into the air and stall it on my back, then roll it off my shoulder and down my arm, do an outside right leg kick rainbowing it over me and caspering it (which means I put my right leg behind my left leg and kick it), then stalling it on my toe, at which point I can take a breather and start the cycle of tricks all over again.

I didn't realize how much of myself I put into such a simple thing until my friends pointed out the fact that I hacky sack with such zeal it's awe inspiring. I realized then, that if only I could attack every obstacle or challenge in my life with that much fervor, I could accomplish so much! My experience with hacky sacking has rekindled my desire to fully explore my potential, which at one point I thought I had wasted and lost so long ago.

So, I really put my heart, soul and even my body into Hacking. A 30 minute session is enough to have me drenched in sweat, feeling pleasantly sore, and calm. I've steadily gotten so much better, that I've been able to feel the progression from only being able to kick with my right leg to being able to kick it from the left to the right consistently. Then learning how to stall and casper and then just getting creative with those tricks led me to realize one pivotal thing, I can do anything as long as I'm willing to try my hardest to do it. I dare say that pouring my heart and soul into hack sacking has opened my heart and soul to expect so much more from myself.

How far are you willing to stretch your potential? Potential(PERIOD)
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