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Whoa!!! I almost forgot this thing existed!! Man, and people I know still post abouts here! Awesomeness abounds!

Hi! ::Waves Frantically::

Uhm... Oh man, I'm kind of overwhelmed there are sooooooo many post that capture my attention, so many windows into lives that I have not looked into for soooo long! I know not where I can start! Merely browsing and skimming over everyone in my friends list leaves me with a flurry of mixed emotions; surprise, delight, joy, sadness, giddiness, regret, eagerness, and this weird feeling of comfort/relief/familiarity.

I didn't expect to feel such things as I typed in my handle and password. As I browsed through my collection of friends and communities, images and memories flooded into my mind and I found myself lost for the past 45 minutes simply relishing in the feeling of comfort that livejournal seems to magically produce within me. It's quite the wonder, really. May haps I am just to sentimental and sappy for my own good, though for the past half hour I have savored the intoxicating familiarity and remembrance of livejournal-ing as if I were some lush! Truly, it pleases me immeasurably to be able to venture back into a domain that once provided me with an outlet for my thoughts and facilitated my desire to view the thoughts, ideas, and creative view points of my peers and others.

::le sigh:: This hour has been a slight blessing of sorts, and it has done plenty to fill some odd emotional void in me. More than anything, it is a relief to see that I lot of the great people that once comprised my life are still living (a great and sorrowful weight of worry, that burdened my psyche), and doing well (Well enough to at least make a post here and there, I guess.) I'm even quite surprised to see that I feel compelled to type, driven by some need to once again establish myself within this cyber community. Compelled to capture my thoughts and share them once again, for, is that not the very essence of livejournal.

I don't know. Maybe the fact that I was in the process of doing my English 101 homework that really compelled me to venture back to this webpage. Aside from the fact that I talked to my Ol' Friend Virgilio last night who mentioned livejournal to me, I think the reading material in my English book really touched a note within me that made me WANT to type! My Professor only instructed us to read the first 13 pages but throughout my reading there where several prompts for writing opportunities. I don't think he wanted us to do them ::scratches head:: However I think it might have been implied...? Sooooo, I should probably be doing that right now, however I'm not rushing or stressing the matter cause my class doesn't start till 4:15 this afternoon and i have nothing to do but kill time till then.

None the less, the first chapter in the book focus on the writing process and how a lot of students find the task of writing to be a daunting one because of various reasons. Not believing they have skills to write, putting far to much pressure upon themselves to write WELL, or just simply having some belief that impeded desire or will to right. I could relate to alot of those things from time to time I found myself feeling or thinking the same way. One of the exercises was to just free write and let the words and thoughts simply flow. As I thought about it, I realized here in livejournal that method usually worked out best for me.

So I guess, in away, I just did my homework. Sweet! I wonder if I could pawn this off as my "Free-writing"? Probably not... Oh well.

It's feels really great to once more have unrestricted access to the Internet! You people out there "surfing" the web on your "keyboards" should not take your cyber librity so lightly, it is a thing to be cherished, indeed!

Well, I've gotta go meet up with my buddy for lunch, maybe I can squeeze in doing a paragraph or two between stuffing my mouth with Double cheese burgers and listening to him commentate on all the hot college girls that cross our paths. Hehee ^_^

More random rambling to come later tonight! Homework load pending!
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