Guerby (guerbyfreak) wrote,

Drum Roll please!

A red carpet rolls out onto the stage and an epic chorus of trumpets and flutes and triangles fills the air! A dramatic pause ensues as we await our stars equally dramatic entrance.

...and we wait...
...some more...

Our star peeks his head around the corner of the stage a sheepishly bashful grin adorning his round face. After a few quick and shy glances at the audience he slowly retreats backstage. Moments pass and the audience begins to stir anxiously, the tension and suspense drawn out so taut that a few members of the audience pass out.

When it seemed that the audience's nerves were on the very verge of snapping, from off-stage there came a raucous WOOT and HOWL, then he appeared running full speed down the red carpet dressed in a Tuxedo Shirt and Cargo Khakis.

Half way up center stage he stomped, with his hands over his head he leaps into the air, as his body begins to rise from the ground he forcefully flings his arms toward the ground creating the centripetal acceleration needed to produce enough centrifugal force to flip his body around 360 degrees, landing ever so gracefully on the tips of his toes, thus completing his forward somersault safely.

With a boisterous exclamation of "TA-TA", our star, Guerby Duckey Angervil, makes his grand entrance!
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