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Guerby's Journal
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Monday, August 31st, 2009
12:49 am
I am so paranoid about being mobile again!
This does not help so much! Thanks! I will count my blessings hopefully they won't reach Zero and I won't end up like this poor saps!


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Sunday, August 30th, 2009
4:42 pm
Today's Random Word That Popped into my head...


Why do random words just pop into my head and I can't stop thinking about them until I look up the definition? The question is purely rehtorical.

Looking through livejournal stirred an albatross feeling that I have not yet overcome.

That is a crappy sentance... I must find a better way to apply this new word into my Vocab. Hrmm...

Birds and Guilt... FUCK!

-Celebrate Irony

Current Mood: contemplative

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4:17 pm
Thunder! Thunder! Thunderbird, GOOOOO!!
I have wheels and she is made from lightening,
her engine revs and it is quite frightening.

The distant sound of the sky and road rumbling,
it is her purring, grumbling, thundering.

She is a Thunderbird and the roads are her sky,
she is my wings with her I can soar, I can glide.

I can cruise calmly along the highways,
riding along on her thunderous shockwaves.

I navigate a silver speeding lightening streak
across avenues, over highways and down any street.

She is swift, she is strong, she is loud,
I am pleased, I am glad, I am blessed to be proud.

She is a bird fueled by the heavens roar,
electric power and gasoline driven to soar.

Thundara rides the lightening from the sky to the earth,
landing on four wheels rumbling at birth.

She is my wheels and she is made from lightening,
a rumbling 1993 Ford Thunderbird perfect for driving.

Current Mood: busy

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Sunday, May 24th, 2009
12:28 pm
King of The Castle
Shit! My writing structure is nothing but shitty. My handwriting is too. I see how Nikki can have such sloppy handwriting cause she just writes as the thought streams along from her mind through to her pen. I have a barrier that effects more than just my writing it effects my whole life. I guess the simplest way to say it would be to call it a wall.

I have many walls built around me to keep me from getting hurt. To protect me from those who would plunder, pillage, and rape my inner self. I'm not so stable right now not to my usual standards anyway. There is a big hole in my wall that I'd like to close up, but I can't, I like the scenery outside of this side of the wall. I enjoy standing within the gaping hole and feeling the breeze blown by, airing out the stuffy corridors in my castle.

I've opened many windows to let few people look in, but rarely have I let my walls down. It seems the first words she spoke were all it took to weaken this patch of wall, while the first look cracked it down the middle. The kiss however, incinerated the cement then the bricks began to fall one by one. It is thrilling to view what stands beyond that wall but that thrill is trailed by caution, this wall may lead to pain if not sealed. The threat of being hurt looms dangerously upon the horizon. I think I am paranoid, then disregarded the thought of caution as the breeze returns.

It is this breeze that leads me to wonder if the walls that protect me also imprison me. The rest of the world that surrounds me is blocked from my sight except for this view. I wonder, upon thinking, how lovely it would be to see through more than just this hole. Paranoia sets in again and I realize that it would be insane to unleash what these walls contain; safety and security but only to an extent. There is security beyond those walls, I can sense it. Security in more abundance than I could possibly store within these walls.

These walls they do me no justice, they hinder and impede the breeze. The windows are not enough to carry in a cooling warm breeze. The walls must come down and safety abandoned so that I may feel the breeze move around me and not merely on my face. Fear meets paranoia fueling cautions drive so I make no move. I stand before the largest portal in my castle and indulge in the sensations of the breeze and view. Knowing for a little while longer I can fight my fears until I must reduce this hole into a mere window.

Current Mood: contemplative

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Tuesday, October 14th, 2008
10:05 am
Conform or Die? Obviously, I'm Going to Be A Rebel Conformist with Options Like That.
I'm doing pretty good, except for the fact that the conditions of remaining at job corp are putting a major fucking strain on my mental and emotional stability. I find I get depressed and angry everytime I return to center. Depressed because i'm like an animal being forced back into captivity, and angry because when I do have to deal with staff members I'm generally treated like some miscreant, and getting shit from mainly upper management and people like mrs Freeman, mrs Floyd, and even gay ass Lambert because I HAD a Mohawk (or rather what I liked to call my Frohawk).

Apparently it's against job corp regulations to be an individual with a unique hairstyle, though it's understandable that a good majority of the young black men at job corp have dreads, braids and even nifty little designs in their hair. Ohhhh, but damn the one black guy with a Mohawk! "That's going to far! Black People are taking over everything else, it's unexceptable that now they are going to take over Mohawks!!" Man, Fuckin' bullshit, right? ::le sigh::

It's really whatever, I cut it to stop hearing them bee itch and saying such things as I'm now being a rebel, and questioning authority, and a bad representative/role model for job corp. The role model part I'm willing to believe, cause no later did I cut my hair, several other black dudes cut their own in the style of mine own. I wasn't rebeling or questioning authority untill they started saying that's what my hair cut represented. Which I guess it may very well represent that from a judgemental observers point of veiw, but for me it was merely an expression of my individuality. A way to physically express my percieved uniqueness. In the end, individuality, uniqueness, any expression of self is apparently frowned upon on Earl C. Clements, so I conform.

Now, upon conforming, I have a new rebellious fire burning within me that was not there before and the more time I spend there the more that fire grows, soon it will consume me and i will burn Earl C. to the ground. Maybe..., not so much, but you get what I mean right?

Other than that, I'm doing swimingly well, in my classes and generally loving life outside the constrictive wall of Job Corp. I just have to keep in perspective the fact that I'm not here to be an individual I am here to become a mindless working class drone. Hopefully, after being brainwashed I can retain enough of my unique personality to still be considered a individual.

End Rant

::Rebellious Spirit kicks Conformist Spirit in the throat::

Current Mood: irritated

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Monday, September 29th, 2008
4:26 pm
Movie Review For English
How to Use Hard Candy to Catch a Predator

A sultry chat room session between “Thonggrrrrrl14” and “Lensman319” leads to a hasty and impromptu rendezvous. Hayley (Ellen Page), a 14 year old honors student, awaits the arrival of Jeff (Patrick Wilson), her online chatting buddy with whom she has only known for 3 weeks. Jeff, a thirty-something photographer, arrives and greets Hayley by wiping a bit of smeared chocolate cake, which she ordered whilst waiting for him, off of her lips and licking it off his fingers in a charming and seductive manner. It becomes apparent that this is no mere friendly meeting as they engage in flirtatiously witty banter. They chit-chat for several more minutes engaging one another in intellectual small talk and flirting rather shamelessly, it is not long before Jeff is inviting Hayley back to his house to listen to “Goldfrap”, a band that Hayley likes. With a charming smile Hayley is whisked away to Jeff’s humble studio home. Once at Jeff’s home, things take a strange and unexpected turn of events.

From the very first scene you would assume that this movie is a movie about a pedophile and the sweet young Lolita that is to be his victim. However, that is merely the hard outer shell of this sweet masterpiece of a movie. Hard Candy, directed by David Slade, (30 Days of Night), and written by Brian Nelson, (who also wrote for 30 Days of Night) is marvelously crafted. A savage and suspenseful twisted on the all too common tales and dangers of online chat rooms. This movie takes the idea of series such as To Catch a Predator, at elevates it beyond simply catching them. This film is a psychological cat and mouse game that takes the potential predator and puts him in the role as the prey.

The flow of dialog is impressive if not a bit Hard to swallow. Though only having “chatted” for three weeks, Jeff and Hayley’s’ instant level of comfort with one another seems so unauthentic, strained almost. Hayley’s though only 14 is intellectually witty, her childish demeanor/exterior mask the seemingly mature and intelligent nature of her character. At certain points it is difficult to believe she is portraying a 14 year old due largely in part to the dialog which is uncommon for a fourteen year old. Perhaps it says more about the nature/manner that a normally budding young adult would assume when meeting an older more mature adult. To try harder to emulate or appear more adult-like than their age would convey. The banter between the two of them is genuine enough real word bias aside, the characters of Jeff and Hayley are two articulate and intelligent people and would only be remaining consistent within their roles.

Aside from the obvious moral and social issues connoted within the first scene, something seems amiss about the whole scenario. I accredit this underlying sense of unease with Ellen Page’s performance. Granted she is portraying a 14 year old girl meeting a strange man she meets over the internet for the first time, there of course should be a feeling of nervousness. However, she delivers an undertone of real mystery, a sense of something suspicious about her that really clenches the feeling of mounting suspense. Page’s performance continues to delight and frighten throughout the film as her character changes from a sweet, innocent, naive young girl into a psychotic and vicious interrogator. Ellen Page delivers a frightening performance of a ferociously vindictive nature.

It is amazing to watch how the lighting is used in the film to coincide with Hayley’s change in demeanor. Whilst she interrogates Jeff, who is bound to a chair, she is awash in hues of a bluish gray, then the lighting changes and she is once more the image of a sweet innocent and charming young lady, cheeks all flushed in pink, but then, within an instant explodes with all the rage of a hurricane. The tumultuous storm raging wild and violent then abruptly becoming calm, frighteningly so, misleading one to believe it is over but just as abruptly as the calm had come it is gone and the savage storm rages on. The lightening of the film only amplifies the powerful performances of Page and Wilson.

All in all, though Hard Candy may be a bit hard to swallow, it sure does taste good while going down. Beautifully cinema graphed, well written, exceptional acting, a thrilling plot and story line, makes this film amongst the sweetest cinematic treats I have ingested in a while.

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Monday, September 8th, 2008
11:49 am
No Matter What... Does It Even Matter.
I feel really hurt, right now. If that was the intended purpose of your entry, success for you! Congratulations, pat yourself on the back! No, I'm feeling a bit bitter, the sarcasm is intended to ease the weight of my turbulent emotions. I guess I deserve to feel this way, I mean, i did a really horrible thing to people who were really fucking great to me.

My day started off pretty great, I had a meeting with my college coordinator, then went to my CST (Computer Service Tech) class and I passed a A+cert practice exam (Which means I'm ready to ace that bitch!), then I came to the college, with a full plate of things to do, critique 3 essays, do 20 math problems, read two chapters out of my Psych book, and even try out for this play. Damn, I was really excited about today, even with the hefty work load!

Then, I decide to catch up on the weekend of posting, before I set to work. I eventually came across one particular entry, that left me feeling unhinged. I felt so upset I just shut down the browser and walked away from the computer. I stepped outside, cause I felt so sick to my stomach, I thought I might very well hurl my breakfast. I attempted to read one of my essays, but my mind could not focus, for the feelings that whirled around my body, gave me no peace.

I found myself, belittling myself, beating myself emotionally and spiritually. I was once again chipping away at the little self-esteem and self-respect I had managed to cultivate for myself over the past few months. I felt as if I needed to deal with these emotions somehow. I needed to confront this somehow, or I would remain in a mental state of disarray.

Then I remembered my Anthem:

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I don't know how well I confronted the situation, I don't even know if it was the right thing to do. All i know is that I've coped with it. Or, at least, I'm finally feeling ready to cope with the past, to confront those demons and not have them overpower me.

I don't feel as bad as I did earlier, but i do still feel quite a sting in my soul. It no longer feels like a searing branding rod labeling me a horrible miserable person, more like a annoying itch that is underneath a cast. I guess, those comments really hurt cause I'd never heard them, or rather, It's been a while since I heard them. Was I just ignoring the pain I feel? It seemed as if those wounds I've tried to mend were tore asunder, and the emotions that I had buried came gushing forth to quickly for me to handle all at once.

I stopped doing drugs so that I wouldn't have to mask my emotions. I battled with myself to face the monster in me. I'm still fighting, and that post only served as ammo for that monster-within to strike me with. I think I just took it way to personally... Yep, still an emotional wreck though I am working towards making myself a better person everyday. Just another one of those battles, the war will continue.

I really wish I could make things right. At times, I desperately wish things were still the same as those olden days. I find there are many people here at Job Corp that have distinct character traits similar to my old friends. Occasionally, I lapse into a state of reminiscence and smile fondly, or laugh out loud at those memories. Soon afterwards, there is nothing but a bitter feeling within my gut and a horrible sense of lost and grief. The reality, the truth, the real weight of the past rest so heavy on my shoulders, I'm only now developing the strength to carry it without it crushing me.

So I guess, kudos for me right? Whatever. This sense of bitterness will probably remain with me for the remainder of the day. Great, I'll just have to grin and still bear it!

I guess no amount of Preparation-H can ease all feelings of butt-hurt.

Current Mood: pensive

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Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008
2:07 pm
This is me stressing out!
I once thought I would have more time to just kill on LJ. Reading and posting, but thanks to my ongoing problems with algebra most of my free time here is dedicated to getting tutored. I just finished typing up my first essay, which is my previous post. I wrote half of it last night and rushed to type the entirety of it in the past hour and a half. Now I have to print it out and get it critiqued! O_O!! Argh, I B.S.'d that whole thing and I feel this crazy amount of pressure, cause my teacher is quite the accomplished author...

Oh my gosh, I can not express how great a writer he is. I suspect he would be very modest cause he's a bit shy and all, but he is! I'm reading his first book right now, and within the first two pages I knew this would be one of those books that would enlight and delight! So because I already think highly of my teacher I feel a bit of pressure to impress, and knowing that makes me thing maybe i reached to far up my ass to produce this shitty excuse for literature. Maybe had I not procrastinated i could have done far better! ARRRRGGGHHHHH!!! I gotta go stop stressing! Inhale some cancer sticks and get someone to read this and hopefull lay my creative insecurities to rest!

Laters hope all ya'll be well!

Current Mood: restless

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2:02 pm
I Need a Flash Drive
I was gonna LJ cut this but I don't know how, nor to I have the time to do so!

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Current Mood: creative

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Tuesday, August 26th, 2008
4:30 pm
My heart and my soul...?
I don't know remember how to do all that flashy-fancy-pants live journal tags stuff, but, this post is in response to my friends Mistresscara's post

Hrm..., Well, The last time I really put my heart and soul into something was last night. I've recently got really hardcore into hacky sacking as a means to exercise (I think it's officially called Freestyle Footbag). The intensity and the energy I put into kicking that little bag around is ridiculous! I commit at least 30 minutes of kicking, twirling, spinning, jumping, stalling, hand-standing (which really just a new addition to my arsenal of tricks).

Often times I think it's a really childish thing to do but mostly I get such a great workout from kickin around that lil ball that it doesn't matter how childish it would appear. These Job Corp idiots make me so self conscious at times There is also this since of achievement when I can pop the sack off my toe, stall it on my knee, roll it down my knee, pop it back into the air and stall it on my back, then roll it off my shoulder and down my arm, do an outside right leg kick rainbowing it over me and caspering it (which means I put my right leg behind my left leg and kick it), then stalling it on my toe, at which point I can take a breather and start the cycle of tricks all over again.

I didn't realize how much of myself I put into such a simple thing until my friends pointed out the fact that I hacky sack with such zeal it's awe inspiring. I realized then, that if only I could attack every obstacle or challenge in my life with that much fervor, I could accomplish so much! My experience with hacky sacking has rekindled my desire to fully explore my potential, which at one point I thought I had wasted and lost so long ago.

So, I really put my heart, soul and even my body into Hacking. A 30 minute session is enough to have me drenched in sweat, feeling pleasantly sore, and calm. I've steadily gotten so much better, that I've been able to feel the progression from only being able to kick with my right leg to being able to kick it from the left to the right consistently. Then learning how to stall and casper and then just getting creative with those tricks led me to realize one pivotal thing, I can do anything as long as I'm willing to try my hardest to do it. I dare say that pouring my heart and soul into hack sacking has opened my heart and soul to expect so much more from myself.

How far are you willing to stretch your potential? Potential(PERIOD)

Current Mood: contemplative

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3:30 pm
My Latest Anthem
I've been listening to this song at least 3 times a day. I can't help but feel uber positive and encouraged by the beat and rhymes. Check it out and let the music feed that starving soul of yours!

T.I. - No Matter What

Never have you seen in ya lifetime
A more divine southern rapper with a swag like mine
Facing all kinda time but smile like I'm fine
Brag with such passion and shine without tryin
Believe me, pain's a small thing to a giant

I was born without a dime
Out the gutter I climbed
Spoke my mind and didn't stutter one time
Ali said even the greatest gotta suffer sometime

So I huff and puff rhymes
Lyrics so sick wit it
Set the standards in Atlanta how to get get get it
So you up and coming rappers wanna diss, just kill it
I'm officially the realest, point blank, period
Whether I still live in the hood or just visit
Whatever you can do in the hood I done did it
That's why the dope boys and the misfits feel it
This still the city long as Tip live it, listen

I ain't dead (nah) I ain't done (nah)
I ain't scared (of what), I ain't run (from what)
But still I stand (yeah)
No matter what pimpin' here I am
No matter what, remember
I ain't break (never), I ain't fold (never)
They hate me more (so?)
Yeah I know (haha)
Here I go (yeah)
No matter what shawty, here I go (ha)
No matter what shawty

[Verse 2]:
You let the blog sites and the magazines tell it
I'm sure to be in jail until 2027
Rather see me in the cell then
Instead of this new McLaren
God will take you to hell, just to get you to heaven
So even though it's heavy, the load I will carry
Grin and still bear it, win and still share it
Apologies to the fans, I hope you can understand it
Like a change of direction, even when you ain't planned it
All you can do it handle it, worst thing you can do is panic
Use it to your advantage, avoid insanity matters
To conquer every obstacle, make impossible possible
Even when winning's illogical, losing is still far from optional
Yeah they wanna see you shot up in the hospital
But, one like the punches, block the counter like a boxer do
Been locked inside mi casa too long, I did a song
To make it known that the king lives on, pimpin

I ain't dead (nah) I ain't done (nah)
I ain't scared (of what), I ain't run (from what)
But still I stand (yeah)
No matter what pimpin' here I am
No matter what, remember
I ain't break (never), I ain't fold (never)
They hate me more (so?)
Yeah I know (haha)
Here I go (yeah)
No matter what shawty, here I go (ha)
No matter what shawty

[Verse 3]:
Even the solitude, that still know how to do
I show you how to do what you do, you ain't got a clue
All you do is follow dudes
Sound like a lotta dudes
I'll weather whatever storm
Make it out without a bruise
I understand why, now when my hands tied
They take shots cause if I'm out it's a landslide
But revenge is best served as a cold dish
And suckas will get served better know this
Guess it was understood, for me it was over with
But I don't quit, if you ain't noticed yet
They couldn't wait to say goodnight shawty
So they can try to rhyme, act and look like shawty
Go get a beat from Toomp, and make a hook like shawty
Before ya know it I'm back, what it look like shawty
I lost my partner and my daughter in the same year
Somehow I rise above my problems and remain here
Yeah, and I hope the picture painted clear
If your hearts filled with faith then you can't fear
Wonder how I face years and I'm still chillin
Easy, let go and let god deal with it, ya dig

I ain't dead (nah) I ain't done (nah)
I ain't scared (of what), I ain't run (from what)
But still I stand (yeah)
No matter what pimpin' here I am
No matter what, remember
I ain't break (never), I ain't fold (never)
They hate me more (so?)
Yeah I know (haha)
Here I go (yeah)
No matter what shawty, here I go (ha)
No matter what shawty

Current Mood: optimistic

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12:18 pm
XOXO, That, I understand, but Y's????
So far this week i have been swamped with homework, reading assignments, linear equations, FUCKIN' X's and Y's!!!

FUCKIN' Y's, MAN!!! FUCK THE Y's!! I just need X's and O's! College algebra is a nightmare!

Current Mood: frustrated

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Wednesday, August 20th, 2008
10:04 am
Whoa!!! I almost forgot this thing existed!! Man, and people I know still post abouts here! Awesomeness abounds!

Hi! ::Waves Frantically::

Uhm... Oh man, I'm kind of overwhelmed there are sooooooo many post that capture my attention, so many windows into lives that I have not looked into for soooo long! I know not where I can start! Merely browsing and skimming over everyone in my friends list leaves me with a flurry of mixed emotions; surprise, delight, joy, sadness, giddiness, regret, eagerness, and this weird feeling of comfort/relief/familiarity.

I didn't expect to feel such things as I typed in my handle and password. As I browsed through my collection of friends and communities, images and memories flooded into my mind and I found myself lost for the past 45 minutes simply relishing in the feeling of comfort that livejournal seems to magically produce within me. It's quite the wonder, really. May haps I am just to sentimental and sappy for my own good, though for the past half hour I have savored the intoxicating familiarity and remembrance of livejournal-ing as if I were some lush! Truly, it pleases me immeasurably to be able to venture back into a domain that once provided me with an outlet for my thoughts and facilitated my desire to view the thoughts, ideas, and creative view points of my peers and others.

::le sigh:: This hour has been a slight blessing of sorts, and it has done plenty to fill some odd emotional void in me. More than anything, it is a relief to see that I lot of the great people that once comprised my life are still living (a great and sorrowful weight of worry, that burdened my psyche), and doing well (Well enough to at least make a post here and there, I guess.) I'm even quite surprised to see that I feel compelled to type, driven by some need to once again establish myself within this cyber community. Compelled to capture my thoughts and share them once again, for, is that not the very essence of livejournal.

I don't know. Maybe the fact that I was in the process of doing my English 101 homework that really compelled me to venture back to this webpage. Aside from the fact that I talked to my Ol' Friend Virgilio last night who mentioned livejournal to me, I think the reading material in my English book really touched a note within me that made me WANT to type! My Professor only instructed us to read the first 13 pages but throughout my reading there where several prompts for writing opportunities. I don't think he wanted us to do them ::scratches head:: However I think it might have been implied...? Sooooo, I should probably be doing that right now, however I'm not rushing or stressing the matter cause my class doesn't start till 4:15 this afternoon and i have nothing to do but kill time till then.

None the less, the first chapter in the book focus on the writing process and how a lot of students find the task of writing to be a daunting one because of various reasons. Not believing they have skills to write, putting far to much pressure upon themselves to write WELL, or just simply having some belief that impeded desire or will to right. I could relate to alot of those things from time to time I found myself feeling or thinking the same way. One of the exercises was to just free write and let the words and thoughts simply flow. As I thought about it, I realized here in livejournal that method usually worked out best for me.

So I guess, in away, I just did my homework. Sweet! I wonder if I could pawn this off as my "Free-writing"? Probably not... Oh well.

It's feels really great to once more have unrestricted access to the Internet! You people out there "surfing" the web on your "keyboards" should not take your cyber librity so lightly, it is a thing to be cherished, indeed!

Well, I've gotta go meet up with my buddy for lunch, maybe I can squeeze in doing a paragraph or two between stuffing my mouth with Double cheese burgers and listening to him commentate on all the hot college girls that cross our paths. Hehee ^_^

More random rambling to come later tonight! Homework load pending!

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Friday, December 14th, 2007
6:02 am
Drum Roll please!
A red carpet rolls out onto the stage and an epic chorus of trumpets and flutes and triangles fills the air! A dramatic pause ensues as we await our stars equally dramatic entrance.

...and we wait...
...some more...

Our star peeks his head around the corner of the stage a sheepishly bashful grin adorning his round face. After a few quick and shy glances at the audience he slowly retreats backstage. Moments pass and the audience begins to stir anxiously, the tension and suspense drawn out so taut that a few members of the audience pass out.

When it seemed that the audience's nerves were on the very verge of snapping, from off-stage there came a raucous WOOT and HOWL, then he appeared running full speed down the red carpet dressed in a Tuxedo Shirt and Cargo Khakis.

Half way up center stage he stomped, with his hands over his head he leaps into the air, as his body begins to rise from the ground he forcefully flings his arms toward the ground creating the centripetal acceleration needed to produce enough centrifugal force to flip his body around 360 degrees, landing ever so gracefully on the tips of his toes, thus completing his forward somersault safely.

With a boisterous exclamation of "TA-TA", our star, Guerby Duckey Angervil, makes his grand entrance!

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Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007
1:02 pm

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Wednesday, June 6th, 2007
5:04 pm
I'm currently in class right now and finally found out how to get around the network security here to get into livejournal and Myspace, unfortunately I can't post anything in myspace, but I can browse around there. Not like there is much to browse. Plus, with half my class browsing myspace the network is ludicrously slow.

Anyway, I'm glad to report that all is well here. I haven't gotten into any drama or fights or trouble of any kind. I'm doing well, if not feeling slightly lonely because I feel as if there aren't that many people here who I can relate to. I get along with everyone, but I have no friends. Admittedly, it's not like I am here to make friends, nor do I care to.

So far the first few weeks here consist of developing job acquiring skills i.e.; How to fill out an Application, Job searching using the internet, creating a resume, and learning interview skills and techniques. You'd be surprised at just how much there is to know about all that.

Thus far, I'm really excited about this opportunity to not only acquire a skill trade, but I am also offered an opportunity to further my education at a university. As excited and enthusiastic as I am about that; I'm more concerned with doing well in my classes and getting my certifications as quickly as possible.

Well it looks like I'm going to have plenty of time to type today, unless my teacher gets on my arse about being on a non-class related web site. Oh humbugger, now I have to shut down my computer so that we can continue on with class. Just after I typed that last sentence! I don’t know when I’ll be able to get on this thing again, but if anything I will be able to get on once I get back to Orlando. Laters!

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Thursday, May 31st, 2007
9:27 pm
::getting frustrating::
Gah, It never fails soon as I get on There is someone pestering me to use the internet! So, just so you know I am well, things are moving along! I'll be back in Orlando on the 27 of June! 2 weeks summer break! WHOOOOO!

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Wednesday, May 30th, 2007
3:43 pm
Whoa! Yeah!
Yesterday I tried to get on LJ, but the computer said It was blocked and that made me sad. Though, it is not like I get to get on here often considering how busy my days seem to be. Anyway, I am in my Career Prep class right now, just finished a career research project and am killing time till 4.

Today has been a fairly good day and everyday seems to be getting better. The prospect of living here for another year and a half is becoming more and more acceptable to me.

Gotta go Laters!

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Monday, May 28th, 2007
9:09 pm
What's your Address!!
Gosh! Send me your address so that I may write you letters from Kentucky! Here is my address write and send love and you shall recieve love:

Earle C. Clements Job Corps
2302 U.S. HWY 60 E.
Morganfield, KY 42437

send it to my e-mail: Guerbyfreak@hotmail.com

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Sunday, May 27th, 2007
8:58 pm
So I finally moved to Kentucky for Job Corp last Tuesday. I have been here for a week almost. Thus far, it looks like this is going to be quite an experience. If you don't know what Job Corp is it's basically like a school for Trades. I'm here to Learn Computer Technician and Business Office Technology. Ugh, I'd love to go further into detail with this post but there are other people here waiting to use this computer. I could be an ass an monopolize the use of the CPU but I perfer to give everyone a fair chance. For know, just know that my post following will be short, and few if any. I've got quite a bit on my mind I wanted to post but that will have to wait for when I can take the time. For now, my thoughts will have to be placed on paper! Laters! I hate negativity and this place is almost saturated with it! UGH!

(Bring It Punk)

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